This is a Christian education program held every second Sunday for all primary school-aged children, beginning at 11:00am in the Church Hall. There are always two adult supervisors running the Kids Club.

Each fortnightly lesson is based on the lectionary calendar that our Church follows. This Revised Common Lectionary (RCL) is a three year cycle of Bible readings. It follows the seasons of the Christian year and begins each year with the first Sunday in Advent (which usually falls on the last Sunday in November). This means that the children have the same emphasis of worship and learning as the adults and they look at the same lectionary readings.

The lessons are given in a participative approach that involves interaction of the children with each other and with the teachers. The children learn the message and lessons from the Bible through discussion, activities, games and crafts.

If you look at the GrapeVine ( <– Click here), there is a Roster┬áthat shows whether there is a Kids Club the following Sunday.