The church facilities can be hired for baptisms, weddings, funerals, music groups, birthdays and other community meetings. Please contact Jennie Gordon (0416 152 051) for all enquiries related to baptisms, weddings or funerals.

The Church Building comfortably seats 100+ people.

The Church Hall (Darron Honey Centre) has a capacity to cater for 200 people. This includes access to a well-appointed kitchen.

The venue has a very good sound system that can be jointly or separately used in the Church Building and/or the Church Hall.

The venue provides visual delivery to a large screen at the front of the Church. This can be used for picture displays, slide shows or film presentations from a venue provided PC.

The Church can assist with floral arrangements, decorations and Music (organ, piano, bagpipes).

Catering is also offered by the church and needs of the function are met by close consultation with the patron. Commercial catering services can also be used.

If you wish to discuss or inspect our facilities, contact Beth Honeycombe (03 5962 5493) РFor any enquiry during October 2017, please contact Faye van Duin (03 5962 4692)