We are a small congregation on the outer edge of the suburbs, with rich, red soil and a long and faithful history. We are the ‘elders’, gardeners and growers, connected to many community organisations and are known for our generous hospitality. Our history is deeply rooted in the families who founded the area, not only on our stained-glass windows but represented in the living, breathing generations of members and our strong connection with Mont de Lancey. We are a united congregation, with people traveling from surrounding towns to belong to our fellowship. Our refurbished, historic buildings are a deep source of pride and we take stewardship seriously. We are fiercely protective of our loyal community and have had links with other congregations over the years, sharing ministry in varied ways and supporting each other through numerous years where there was no minister in placement. There’s a strong sense of tradition when we meet, in the way we worship together, in our music and our meetings. There’s a yearning for new life to shoot from our cherished, heritage rootstock and we’re waiting and watching for signs from the Spirit.