We are a small congregation in a rural town just beyond suburbia. Our history goes back to the earliest times, and we have strong and deep connections in our growing community. Even though we are few, we are known for our wise, solid and faithful presence, hospitality and care for others and our valuable ecumenical connections especially through the Op Shop.  There is a wide network of families who hold a linked history but are not visibly active in our church life. Sharing ministry across the valley has been part of the pattern of our life and through this we have been well served by ministers and leaders. While we remember the days when the pews were more populated and church life more central to the town, we are unable to maintain our current buildings and are ready to find a new way of serving the community through alternative possibilities for our land and our labours. What is vital is gathering and worshipping together. It’s overwhelming, but as faithful stewards, we are ready to find partnerships to build our emerging vision as we continue to serve God in our community.